Sellers' Guide


1. The seller has the right to choose any order. Please must read and know the order information in detail (such as requirements, time limit, and price) before accepting. Once the seller accepts, it’s officially considered that the seller agrees with the buyer’s order requests.

2. If the seller has any doubt about the order’s requests before accepting, please communicate clearly with the buyer by chat tool on BYGAMER and asks the buyer to modify the order’s requests based on the content of the communication. And then accepts order after making sure there is no problem.

3. Orders cannot usually be canceled unless for buyer's reasons. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and losses, the seller should consider whether their skill ability and external conditions (such as time, machine, network environment, etc.) are suitable for service before accepting.




1. The seller can find their accepted task in “Orders Management” once they accept an order, double-click the order info to get more details.

2. If the seller fails to begin the service (due to buyer's reason) after accepting the order, please contact the buyer immediately.  

If the buyer cannot be contacted to resolve the problem, the seller can apply for the cancellation of the order by submitting this problem and relevant valid screenshot. After verification by BYGAMER, the seller can cancel it without any responsibility.

However, if the problem is not caused by the buyer and the seller still applies for abnormal cancellation on purpose, then the seller’s efficiency margin will be deducted accordingly.

3. After beginning the service, please check immediately whether you can work on it matches the buyer's order information (or there is any hidden key information).

If it doesn’t match, please stop the service. Submit the problem and specify reasons to the order log as well as upload relevant valid screenshots, then contact the buyer to discuss and solve. If no agreement can be reached after consultation by both sides, the seller can apply for arbitration through customer service. After BYGAMER verifies that the fact is true, the seller can cancel the order without any responsibility; if it’s inconsistent, BYGAMER will arbitrate the dispute based on the evidence provided by both sides.