Buyers' Guide


1. Buyers should ensure that all order information you fill out on is complete and correct before posting orders.

2. Everything that is filled in the buyer's order information is considered service requests. In case of dispute, the service request should be given priority.

3. When the order is disputed due to unreasonable demand from the buyers (such as orders’ price, high deposit, time limit), BYGAMER has the right to deal with it at our discretion.

4. The order won’t get through when the buyer’s task requirement is not completed. And BYGAMER allows sellers to apply for cancellation. (If there are disputes, BYGAMER has the right to deal with it according to the circumstances discretion).

5. If disputes arise due to the buyer's intention to hide key information in the order, BYGAMER will step in and handle it with discretion.

6. BYGAMER reserves the right to block buyers’ account (ban from posting/accepting orders, unbundling phone number) under the following situations:

a) buyers keep posting unreasonable orders (tasks). Including short time limit, strict records, inconsistent order information with the actual, intentionally hidden info, etc.

b) orders cancellation rate is too high (based on the number of cancellations)

c) receive so many complaints

7. Buyers can post some special unusual service orders (e.g. recording videos, buying and selling accounts, renting accounts, etc.). But once appearing dispute, BYGAMER will not be involved in it, please negotiate with the seller to resolve it by yourself.

8. Do not post orders with bad content such as advertisements, scams, abuse, etc. Once found, BYGAMER has the right to ban the accounts.

9. Please do not post orders related to illegal contents such as game coins trading, drug trading, human organ trading, or other orders which not related to game service. Otherwise, all the consequences caused are undertaken by buyers, BYGAMER does not take any legal responsibility. And at the same time, BYGAMER will reserve the right to pursue legal liability and block the accounts.



1. After your order is posted and its status is "Waiting", which means that the order was successfully posted. And the successfully posted order will be immediately displayed in BYGAMER Task Hub.

2. Posted Orders can be viewed in Task Hub, you could go to Task Hub to check your order processing.

3. Buyers need to download BYGAMER App after posting order and follow the information from the seller and BYGAMER in time.

4. When the order cannot be completed due to the buyer's reasons, the seller has the right to request cancellation without responsibility and settle fee according to the current progress of the service.

a) the buyer ’s account is abnormal, which makes it impossible to log in and finish tasks. and the buyer doesn’t cooperate and solve it in time within 24 hours

b) buyers log in to their current account during the processing, affecting the normal process

5. When order time expires, the buyer can check whether the order is completed on time. If it is not completed on time, the buyer can submit relevant evidence to appeal to BYGAMER. After we verify and confirm the evidence, the buyer can get the corresponding efficiency margin(deposit) as compensation.

6. If the buyer finds that their account is damaged in final acceptance, the buyer can file an arbitration with BYGAMER and provide relevant screenshot evidence. After verification by BYGAMER, the buyer can get the corresponding account’s security margin(deposit) as compensation.