Buyer Agreement

1.The buyer should ensure that fills correct account information, such as title of task ,character name. The task requirements should be clear and simple, and no misleading words, Otherwise, there will no perfect guarantee.

2.Buyer should ensure that fill in a correct &valid e-mail address and phone number to enable normal communication.

1).The arbitration customer service will contact buyer and seller to obtain evidence when conducting arbitration. If contact cannot be obtained within 24 hours, the arbitration customer service will make a judgment directly according to the rules based on the evidence listed by the party who can reach the contact.
2).During the service processing, the service completion time will be extended forcibly if seller cannot contact the buyer due to the buyer's reason, the extended time is the period during which the seller submits an exception and then contacts buyer to solve the problem and start the normal service.

3.If buyer cancels the task due to your own reasons, You need to pay corresponding service fee to the seller according to the service progress completed.

4.Task Completion time is calculated starting from seller who accepted the task.

5.The Buyer needs to check and confirm task in a timely manner: After seller submits completed, the system will default to confirm task after 48 hours if you do not confirm it in time. If no comments are made, the default is to forget comments and cannot be modified comments.

You can initiate a dispute request within 48 hours of acceptance of the task when you are dissatisfied or have questions about completion, Otherwise, you will bear any losses after the system is completed by default.

6.All requirements in this task are identified as service requirements.

In the event of task dispute, BYGAMER customer service is based on service requirements in this task content as a basis for determining whether the task is completed, abnormal evidence remarked in this task log will also be used as evidence to assist arbitration

The agreement between buyer and seller outside the task will not be recognized and assume no responsibility by BYGAMER, any dispute arising from such a situation shall be handled by both parties.

7.The seller cannot cancel task arbitrarily after accept the task. If seller cannot start the service due to the buyer's possibility cause the task failed, seller can initiate task cancellation and upload a screenshot; the task can be canceled without responsibility after BYGAMER review and confirmation is true, the seller will be deducted from efficiency margin as compensation for wasting buyer's time if it is not true.

8.After seller accept task, failure to complete the task on time is not caused by buyer, the buyer has right to apply for deduction of seller's efficiency margin as compensation.

(If there is a dispute, BYGAMER has right to consider decision according to comprehensive factors of actual situation of the task)

9.During service processing, the buyer has right to demand deduction of seller's efficiency margin as compensation if seller requests cancel the task,  (If there is a dispute, BYGAMER has right to consider judgment comprehensively according to actual situation of this task)

10.Buyers are not allowed to post illegal content such as game currencies transactions, drug transactions, human organs, and irrelevant content. The buyer will take legal responsibility if this happens, at the same time, BYGAMER has right to pursue related legal responsibilities and suspend your account;

11.If buyer creates other content tasks but does not violate laws and regulations (such as recording videos, buying/ selling accounts, rental accounts, and other related tasks), BYGAMER will not be involved in itplease resolve it by yourself.

12.If there are any users who are suspected of malicious fraud, BYGAMER has right to suspend users' account and lock account funds.

13.Buyers are not permitted to post advertising contents, invalid and unable to finish tasks. BYGAMER has right to temporarily freeze account and account funds because users disrupting task of transactions.

14.If buyers frequently post unreasonable tasks (The task description information is different from actual situation, with the intentional concealment of key information, etc.), the cancellation rate (number of cancellation tasks) is too high, and buyer have too many complaints, BYGAMER has right to suspend their account according to situation (Pauses post tasks, accept tasks, and function of unbinding mobile numbers is prohibited)


BYGAMER is a platform that the sellers and buyers can publish their service. Buyers can publish the service task on the platform, and deposit the commissions they are willing to pay for this task on the platform. They can also choose whether to set Efficiency and Security margins for this task.

The sellers can only accept the task after he deposits the platform the efficiency and Security margin which are set by the buyer. After the seller accepts the task and submits it for acceptance after completing it within the time specified by the buyer, and also after the buyer's acceptance is completed, the platform pays the commission kept by the buyer to the seller, and returns the deposit held by the seller. 

Once a job is closed, payment will not be refunded. To request a refund on a closed job a buyer can make a claim to Support. We will assess claims on their merits, with regard to the digital nature of the materials and services as well as communications between buyer and seller before closure. If the job has been closed and the provider is no longer on the site or cannot be contacted by the buyer, this is not a ground to ask for a refund.
The buyers can initiate a refund in the following situations:

1)The buyer publishs the task, and no one accepts within the validity period of the mission. The platform will implement a full refund of the commission;
   2)The seller does not complete any tasks of the buyer after receiving the task, the platform will implement a full refund of the commission;
   3)The buyer publishs the task, and the seller does not complete all the task requirements within the time required by the task. The platform verifies that the buyer only needs to pay a part of the commission;
   4)After receiving the order, the seller cannot complete it on time due to non-buyer reasons, and the buyer has the right to apply for deduction of the efficiency deposit of the seller as compensation. (If there is a dispute, the official has the right to consider the judgment and treatment according to the comprehensive factors of the actual situation of the order, and the compensation amount does not exceed the order's maximum security deposit and efficiency margin.)

There is no obligation to provide a refund for reasons which include if the buyer:

   1)has changed their mind about the services;

   2)bought the services by mistake;

16.Dispute Resolution Policy

This Policy sets out the dispute process to be followed when a Buyer and Seller dispute resolution process to resolve a dispute between them.

The Bygamer Dispute Team

When the buyer and the buyer have a dispute, the two parties initiate arbitration through the platform. The role of the Bygamer Dispute Team extends to making all actions necessary to resolve the case in an impartial and evidential manner. You acknowledge that the verdict of the Dispute Team is final, binding, and irreversible.

User Responsiveness

Once a buyer's dispute is initiated, the seller needs to respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will be classified as the responsibility of the seller, and the task commission will be actually paid according to the dispute claim initiated by the buyer. The seller will provide corresponding evidence within 24 hours, and it enter the Bygamer dispute team for dispute resolution.

Dispute Resolution Process

· STAGE 1 - Identifying the issue

1) The buyer has objections to the seller's task completion progress, he/she explains why the dispute is caused, and provides relevant evidence to prove that the dispute exists;

2)The buyer should propose the requirements for both commission and compensation for the seller in response to the dispute. And the amount of compensation should not be more than the margin that buyer set.

· STAGE 2 - Proof of the Dispute

1) The seller needs to respond within 24 hours when receiving the dispute initiated by the buyer;

2)The seller can choose to agree to the dispute raised by the buyer, and at this time, arbitration will be conducted according to the request of the buyer;

3) If the seller does not agree with the buyer's claim, he/she can provide corresponding evidence.

· STAGE 3 - Arbitration

The Dispute Team will review all evidence and other information provided to reach a decision (usually within 24 hours). Dispute verdicts are final, binding, and irreversible.

Evidential Requirements for Your Dispute

Should you elect to have the Dispute Team arbitrate your dispute, you agree to allow the Dispute Team to read all correspondence made on the Site and download or access, and test (if necessary), all uploaded files, programs, and websites related to the dispute for the sole purpose of having your dispute resolved.

You are highly encouraged to submit all the documents that would support your claims on your dispute.

Submit e-mail correspondences as screenshots or as *.eml files. If submitting screenshots, ensure that the "To", "From", and the "Date" bar is visible. E-mail correspondences sent in *.txt or *.doc or any word processing software will not be accepted.

Bygamer chat records should be submitted as screenshots of the conversation from the chat software. Correspondences sent in *.txt, *.doc, or any word processing software will not be accepted.


17.BYGAMER has the right of final interpretation of the above terms and issues.