Exclusive Benefit for Bygamer Customers: The World Champion of LOL has Joined Bygamer.com!

As the world's first game witkey platform, Bygamer aims at providing players the best place where they can find in game services at the best price, such as coaching, boosting, etc.


Bygamer always puts the customers 1st. To better serve the customers, Bygamer has formally signed Tristan, who has been known in the esports industry as Cake, to settle as specially invited & honored LOL coaching & duo queue expert.


There is no doubt that most of the LOL players have known Cake, whose achievements are as bellow:

. Professional LOL player

. Always on the top of the North American solo queue ladder, reached rank 1 na in solo queue season 6-7-8

. Played for flyquest team liquid academy and echo fox academy

. Won the red bull player 1v1 world championship in 2019



Here is an abstract of Cake’s introduction about why doing this:

“I have previous experience coaching before my professional career, but I am looking to get back into it as I believe my knowledge of the laning phase and the macro play could help people improve at a much faster rate.

An hour of coaching will consist of either reviewing games you have played or watching you as you play them to get instant input on your gameplay. I believe reviewing games is the best way to improve, as your perspective of the game as you play it is inherently biased, therefore reviewing it will give you a much better overall picture of the how the game went, giving you an easier time to pinpoint mechanical and macro mistakes being made.

I highly encourage reviewing games alone, as finding and fixing a mistake on the spot is beneficial. If the same mistake happens repetitively and you have no idea how to fix it, then I would recommend getting a coach.”


Cake has reached a strategic consensus with Bygamer, so he will offer a best price as an exclusive benefit for Bygamer customers. If you are looking for professional LOL coaching & duo queue services, Bygamer won’t upset you.


As Cake has his own schedule, Please contact Bygamer to make an appointment after you place the order. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.


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