• 03/28/2012 Several beaches in Unknown World of SWTOR for players
  • Central Beach is a good place to have fun in Unknown World. And this attracts ao many players to Buy SWTOR Credits to have fun in it.

    Encountered several RAKATAN warriors moved out after a rocky beach east to go kill them. They ran to thank, it seems they are hunted down by these warriors, such as they leave before the path along the east line corner there are a group of RAKATAN warriors, resolved, go east. There are two routes to choose the north came to the Temple. Came to the Temple of external (Temple Exterior), came to an open area along the trails before. To kill a group of hovering guard warrior, near savage beast, do not tease them. To the right side of the Shrine to a low wall, south of Hill Road down to the beach (South Beach).

    Go forward to see the spaceship crash of a killed, out of a near little monster Giza was killed by mines in the grass, it seems that there are hidden landmines, if the team is learning exploration skills (Awareness) can be stuck them the position and lifted out. In such a beautiful place, the players can get Star Wars The Old Republic Credits to have pleasure in it. The spacecraft approached the crash in the next to pick up spacecraft accessories Ship Part.

    North Beach: Hill Road move to kill the two monsters came to the beach, on the left is a stele forest, during which the vertical and horizontal grid is intertwined with, do not rush to touch there will be life-threatening, the road between here only two stone tablets went, emerged in the Forest of Stone Tablets central the RAKATA holographic image of what he wanted, to get permission to enter the Presbyterian Church next to him and said to find the Star Forge.

    Elder, Settlement: Entered the room to dialogue with the chiefs to explain no longer own the former REVAN before the memory has entirely disappeared, and then asked him about their own thing on the island, as well as the ancient Temple of the possession of the secret, he let us go to the Temple of seal inside ancient knowledge. As I have previously break faith with him, he sent me to go to rescue a prisoner from the RAKATAN villages.

    Back to the central beach from the southern beach to the Temple of peripheral and kill a group of warriors near the flight deck of the ship killed, behind the spacecraft to find a way north of the road to reach the beach. This is why so many players are wanted Old Republic credits. In front of the open area to encounter another branch of the RAKATA tribe, they have known that we agreed with the Elder RAKATA. To mobilize people to the siege came toward us. Should be fighting to get rid of both the monster and kill them after entering the village forward.


  • 03/27/2012 Detail Sith Deserters and Tomb of Ajunta Pall in SWTOR
  • Prestigious task: Sith Deserters was worked in Valley of the Dark Lords. And this had attracts many players to Buy SWTOR Credits for their playing.

    College of the north side of the door came to the canyon, the disciple of Darth Bandon. Malay’s team stand in front of the dialogue triggered fighting, kill them and get 3000 gold hands light saber, light Grade. Road along the valley to the north will encounter a few big bats, is resolved into a dark cave Shy rack Caves. Along the cave has been Wang Dongxiang go find a hinterland of a Sith corpse next to the fire.

    Along the cave continue to pass through to reach the eastern part of the map will not cross the bridge. Go to the south of the cave can be found in several Ming Isis people, they escaped from Francis College students mistakenly thought I was Lanzhou them back. Then two options, one to kill them, let them leave, then go back and find Utah report, regardless of how you can get prestige value. It is recommended to choose the solution of the bright line. Promise to help them flee the East across the bridge to the cave to kill the huge monster. Resistance Road, come back to find the news of the group of students report the monster is dead.

    Reputation Task: Tomb of Ajunta Pall Walk along the canyon to the north to see the huge mining ruins of the Sith, the right of the two doors leading to the tomb, into the first entrance of the tomb came to the Tomb of Ajunta of Pall. In the past, along the corridor through the door and use the skills to open the second door there is a bridge channel. Wang Miamian room blocks the median of a column.

    Stepped forward to put the grenade exploded in the column above the right side this time Paid fighting robot is activated. The use of long-range attack weapons or skills destroys them. Came across the bridge unlock a password gate. At this time, Old Republic credits were needed. Go right on the east side of the end of the round hall, tried to open the middle of the sarcophagus of the Sith Sarcophagus from the inside to get some equipment.

    Then the Sith Wang Ajanta of Pall soul behind said his strong stems from a sword, their own death but also because it is. Therefore, he wanted me to take this to the sword with a powerful force, when he handed over to three of my sword.

    To bypass to the back to find a stone sarcophagus, and are prompted to insert a sword on the statue. Star Wars The Old Republic Credits were made full use of. Then select "The notched steel sword" goes back with the king, Francis the conversation Ajanta of Pall dialogue to get his sword, to convince the high skills of the words, then you can also persuade him to the refuge bright.

  • 03/26/2012 The shaman got wrath creative Star Wars demo experience
  • An astral system

    Want to explore the astral first to get a general understanding of the knowledge of the star field. And you can get much knowledge of how to make use of SWTOR Credits before you playing.

    Explore the 12 known astral regions. Each region contains number of Star War Island, since the map-like structure. Region graph is a separate and fixed graphical structure of the Sing Tao is changing. Astral instability means that the entire space will always be new surprises waiting for players to discover. Islands are in the astral cannot be marked in the map. Players explore a rich treasure island, the best choice of keeping this secret under their own to enjoy.

    In the Star Island, the player can find a variety of practical facilities and goods: if there are parked base, the chest of priceless, you can improve the spaceship wreckage of the spaceship upgrade materials, as well as a public enemy of all astral travelers: astral demons. Astral demons are powerful and brutal, that is, the player vulgar horrors of the "BOSS". Beat the astral devil can get good returns: such as those that exist only in the powerful equipment in the legend.

    The spacecraft construction

    The players just entering the game, there is no spaceship. To build a spaceship, players must first reach 35. They will then receive a special task in the main city of the camp, and then to visit the ship construction master. The construction of the spacecraft needs to spend 1500 gold to Buy SWTOR Credits and 100 days. However, the player can speed up the construction speed by completing daily tasks and heroes copy.

    Construction spacecraft dock in this camp dedicated astral pier. The dock is the spacecraft's center, where players can repair a damaged hull, open the chest come from the astral island, using new equipment to upgrade the spacecraft.

    The spacecraft device type

    Each ship has some of the operation of the equipment by the players. Each device has a specific purpose. Engines control the spacecraft's power. It can change the speed astral spacecraft. The rudder is a left and right rotation of the steering wheel. It can control the astral spacecraft flight direction.

    Turbine can pull up and down. It can change the astral flight altitude of the spacecraft. The mask can display the status of enemy ships, and adjust the shield and rapid mobility. It also attracts many players to buy Star Wars The Old Republic Credits to maintain the fun in the game. The scanner can detect a variety of objects in the region, such as astral monsters, treasure chests, wormhole or other spacecraft. Cannon & long-barreled cannon located on both sides of the spacecraft. The guns can use them to destroy any invading enemy. The long-barreled cannon is remote, the cannon is a medium-range.

  • 03/23/2012 SWTOR: The game designers should be careful needs of all users
  • In the case of the network is more and more popular, the game started to boom. Repressed by a lot of people in reality are not to vent, the vent in the game. Game play developers should learn to recognize which game content and player groups is not important. And this leads the developing of SWTOR Credits become popular.

    What is your favorite game content may not cause the players attention, and you feel unimportant place some players is precisely the concern is that these. Why cannot I choose to have all players are satisfied? Simply put, this is the goal pursued by the game designers. Specifically, if you always want to cater to the needs of all players, the preferences of some players are just the contrast with the game settings, and it may eventually will cause the game to please any player cannot.

    Aside the loopholes and poor development of these two factors, the main reason players leave the game developers and players of the game manifestations of their own views, failed to reach consensus.

    For example, the players want the game to the RPG with FPS elements, but the developer is a FPS game with RPG elements. The players want the game to focus more on teamwork, which contains the contents of individual action, but developers prefer individual game is interspersed team action. The players look forward to the regional control in the open world PVP, and developers to provide duel PVP.

    These subtle differences will not initially have an impact on the game, but together will have a huge impact, could eventually lead to all the players will leave the game. As the game's many levels, requires careful design and architecture of your player base. The following is the reference method. Clearly know you're making is which type of game, for which players. Just like the Star Wars The Old Republic Credits are offered to players.

    If the whole team cannot make the game content to agree, how can you expect players to agree with your design? The game play will decide what kind of players’ experience the fun of the game is in the game play design decision must consider the idea of what kind of player. The game developers from the players’ idea or playability of the ideas are not important, because the two are interdependent.

    If you wait until the game release and then try to let them experience the fun, it was too late. Game development should be the target audience and players. This may be challenging, but there are many short cuts.

    For example, you can let some designers to play the role of group spokesman of the target player. You can define a set of prototype retained in the design of the brain, you can write user stories. So the gamers would like to Buy SWTOR Credits. Or you can try the other users of the game to make the game then attracted.

  • 03/22/2012 Territory of the Jedi and ruins was listed in SWTOR
  • Back to the Jedi Council hall and VROOK of conversation was informed that JUHANI has been re-admission to the training room to find the ZHAR conversation was informed that last trial by a Jedi warrior. And then to the hall and talk to a few people, they sent me and BASTILA go with us to the mysterious ruins to investigate, and may be able to find REVAN and MALAK fallen dark some of the reasons and clues. And this needs players get full use of SWTOR Credits.

    Knock down the 3/4 of her blood will trigger dialogue in the outcome of the dialogue there are two, one is to kill her, and one is closing ranks. Emptied out line to avoid a dispute with, or pick blood in sacrifice, try to gently persuade her to forget the pain of the past. And encourage her to continue to grow bright Jedi warrior. JUHANI recognize their mistakes, thanked me, and then return to the territory of the Jedi, we have from the map returned back to the spaceship rest.
    The ancient ruins.

    BASTILA will be brought to the team, leaving the territory of the Jedi to the courtyard. The road along the grasslands of the valley to the northeast to find the last two rows of strange stone to find an entrance to the ruins along the pillars. They directly get into the front of the doors to enter the ruins. An ancient robot, said the language difficult to understand, BASTILA’s explanation, I finally understand what it means can its description. We finally know that this remains history, and REVAN and MALAK came here for clues. So there are swtor credits for sale for all the players.

    Check next to NEMO's body after the end of the dialogue to get the crystal diagram printed and Jedi jersey next to enter the robot behind the door is required to unlock the puzzle of the things on both sides of the room. First into the left (East) inside the room to kill the guardian robot, in the house to find a computer terminal, selects "Talk to the computer, the results on the screen.

    Description of the shape of three original creatures: the Oceanic, Grassland, Arboreal. Answer the question and return to the hall into the west side of the room, defeat a robot and then find a computer terminal, and the operation of the east side of the room, began to answer its questions.

    Illustrate the three types of ecological species annihilation: Desert, Volcanic, and Barren. Answer finished on both sides of the room back to the lobby, the robot behind the gates open past their own. And the gamers need to Buy SWTOR Credits.  A pedestal inside the hall, approached suddenly opened showing a three-dimensional astrological chart. It is probably to be looking for something to use star charts to find the path to the Star Forge.

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