• 11/04/2011 RIFT: Guards for Hell of Wolf Being Powerful in Game
  • White Wolf a hell guards climbed on the back. The brutal soldiers keen eyes shining green, holding weapons and stabbed into the middle of White Wolf's backbone. "No!" Tyrande screamed, aware of what will happen next. She was familiar with this terrible event, but do not know the details from it.

    Gede Lin uttered a painful howl, are under four feet knees. And more demons rush towards him in the past. With rift gold, more players are enjoying in the fun of the game. Suddenly, a dark brown wolf god from the ancient right of the melee in half suddenly leaps. Despite this high degree the ability of the limits beyond which the hair has not only jumped on the Ge Delin coyotes in the back, also headed straight to the devil that hit him.

    When the red wolf near the other end when the guard turned to the devil, an ax to the new opponent. However, under the robust wolf from the ax suddenly channeling the past, all of a sudden tear Felguard tall legs will lift the enemy down. Devil's fall back in Gede Lin, weapons flew to the side. Felguard want to stand up, but Wolf has been flapping in his body. Other end to a ferocious wolf bite will only tear the devil's throat.

    Devil's body fall to the ground, while the other end snapped coyotes howl anger. It overlooks one down, and then jump down. This leap is not aimless, it flutter in another attack Gede Lin demon suddenly ripped his chest. So, players are willing to buy rift gold to enjoy the tasks, weapons, pictures in the game.

    In the first, led by coyotes, wolves began biting the other members of the Gede Lin who want to destroy the demon. Legion eventually forced to give up half of wolf attacks on God, and even began to retreat back.

    Although the summit began, when there will be a formal alliance members attended the ceremony, the hosts ahead for delegates to come to some arrangement. Night elves would have preferred guest house in the capital, where some guests, but after finally agreed to allow most people to vote and a small private security messengers to stay in Darnassus, the rest of the others stay in their own boat. Players are clever to use cheap rift gold to enjoy the fun in the game. The opening ceremony of the summit, all personnel lined up for admission for the ceremony and then back to the ship until the end of the meeting closed.

    High Priestess finally realized the wisdom of this decision, though, and the guests were the reasons vary. In this sensitive period, countries in the number of city Darnassus more altercation and the higher the possibility of unrest, and even whom they could put an end goal. Taking into account that countries were suffering from the pain of the reason a large disaster, the risk of it happened high enough.



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  • 11/03/2011 RIFT: The Sensitivity Being Important for Roles in Game
  • At first glance, the wolves are just some pawn it, but their sensitivity and speed is unmatched. They were evil enemy suddenly left and right, a gap would have rushed to bite pulling. Gede Lin stood in the front. In the battlefield, more players are eager to enjoy the fun with rift gold. Ju Lang Xian Zhu mouth guard and then suddenly a demon bite down, the green magic flame gushing out, stump debris Fen Yang fall. At the same time, Ge Delin claws torn to pieces by another enemy.

    They just play a devil ax cut into two parts to a wolf, he was two Wolf threw himself to the ground. They tear the devil under the arm, and then a bite to open his throat. However, more demons rushed up, these two wolf completely submerged. Tyrande desperately wants to join the fight but did not move. She could only watch more wolves killed, although they seem to destroy more enemies, this did not comfort her heart but also the concerns of the wolves and regret.

    More and more demons noticed Gede Lin, clearly aware that he is in command of the wolves. Demons who want to chop chop his legs, pulled him down to the ground and then cut his throat. At the same time, the cheap rift gold on MMOXE.COM is welcomed by more and more players. But Gede Lin claw Shuaikai close beside the devil, with their quick photo out of a ball hit his companions. They bite from the demons one by one. Some demons, like the first, as he gets the smash; others were Mengshuai out limbs flying. Gede Lin speeding forward through the Burning Legion's queue, and he is always accompanied by fanatical about wolves.

    The bodies of wolves and demons residual footer have shops all over the battlefield, and both sides did something that seems to reduce the number. There are a Wolf cut into mess, but more to the Gede Lin kill demons. However, the fundamental Julang fearless caught one by one to bite the enemy, the devil's body in many places a full three or four-storey base. I have to buy rift gold to maintain the life of characters in the game.

    Month of Our Lady, why you want this scene to show to me? !? High Priestess desperately wants to rush to help Gede Lin, but still do nothing except watch the outside. Or allow me to join the fight, or please tell me the purpose of this endless killing it!

    But the fighting still, the truth is not revealed. Worse, the situation is not conducive to Gede Lin suddenly direction.



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  • 11/02/2011 RIFT difference between battlefield and arena
  • Play before RIFT, 10 people who experienced psychic Stan, Blackrock Spire run dead, of war were called RIFT for the elderly. With cheap rift gold I have enjoyed many good time. They are apt to like to say, I am saying that when your group to play a few months on the chaos, the child will not understand. They are usually referred to as the experience requirements found in FS G with death, with the prison, with color, with Zorn, with Stan back door.

    He is a novice, with a new strong through some tough self-esteem and pride is not satisfied with the attitude. I am an old man, with all of our era were streaming down the extension of the vicissitudes of fatigue and lack of water chestnut attitude. I came, so I always pointing in a tone of preaching and told him what kind of behavior the most sensible.

    Now this girl is a good girl, Li well aware of this, but I do not know how, his heart did not feel very comfortable that he felt as if he did I'm sorry things Yan Lou, felt very guilty. This is a very special, but also a normal feeling. Just that time of the Li, he does not understand. This in the end is a kind of feeling. Saying that RIFT is a very interesting thing and it split into two groups.

    He is the first monk, he is certainly proud of the urgent need for others, never in front of me so he refused to listen to meditation even a nagging. My brother seems to have been standing on two opposing sides. You can buy rift gold to get more weapons to join the team. Although we cannot stitch a good relationship, there is a big difference between us. Then occasionally he saw my face, he would say, I'm not saying you do not grass you went wrong. In fact, I started trying to pull him to also play league with me, to take care of him.

    I seriously thought, that it thieves, thieves are now saying that the Prince Field. So I gave him to build a human MM thief. He looked, not happy about it. So I discussed with him very seriously about the number of men playing female rationality of this phenomenon and advantages with rift gold. We are the boss said, will not play Half number of small JJ.

    Although I do not know which way the mouth of the oldest gods, this is the small matter of my DD. I no longer stand their ground. So he built for himself but also feel the satisfaction of a human male thief. How this action figure sneak attack back stoop so dirty ah, the old man, as well as this bone-chilling turn when it comes to what kind of action, engaging in what, ballet it?


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  • 11/01/2011 RIFT: The Enduring in Game Being Important for the Tasks
  • Then the game is also in order to maintain enduring, has introduced several brand new piece of information, but also gains a few big games of the major awards show. I believe that next year the era of large-scale online games gathered, the RIFT will have their own place. And there will be more players buying RIFT Gold to enjoy the fun in the game.

    Te Lana domain of God" is more than half a year just to reveal weakness, and despite CDKEY substantial discounts, free and paid access to serve the pet horse and a series for new customers. They retain old customers of the market activity, but still did not stop the pace of reducing the number of users. According to a statistical survey of foreign: "fissures" in the current paid subscribers when comparing the peak has been reduced by 22%, and it is constantly in the loss. Analysts said the current lack of traditional MMORPG market pay competitiveness. Players tend more and more free, fast paced games.

    RIFT game shots "crack" by Trion World development, has just recently updated the "dust of history" version of the game the studio is very confident that he is the greatest competitor of "World of Warcraft". This reputation brings many players to Buy RIFT Gold to enjoy the game.

    RIFT "1.5 version" the dust of history "will be updated tomorrow the world event" Coke Island expedition, "followed the story of this event on a world event" hot Earth ", the player will be involved in since the era from the dragon elements separated by mysterious island, search for specific magma opal, and the construction of travel leading to loss of open stone Midao island Kingdom. Finally, in the event, players will also receive the ashes of a terrible spider mount.

    Netmarble Minister said, "In order to repay the majority of supporters of care," crack "before the start of operations. And the player will open up multiple channels of communication, in particular, the official website of the smooth opening. So, the Cheap RIFT Gold on BYGAMER.COM is welcomed.

    South Korea's CJ E & M Company held on 19 October by the TrionWorlds developed MMORPG online games "crack" hanbok Reporters forum that opened in the first half of next year, "crack" hanbok beta.

    CJ E & M's game division of Zhao Yingji representatives, TrionWorlds Lars Buttler company representatives attended the forum, and to "crack" the main game content, and schedule future operations. The plans were made public. According to CJ E & M, said, "crack" means the charges in South Korea, and the preferred time for charging. On the other hand, the RIFT will exhibit 10 November to 13 November in Busan. South Korea at the GSTAR game show will be the first open to the public "crack" Korean.


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  • 10/31/2011 Operations for RIFT Gaining Big Success
  • Gal Rouch not stops his actions. His nation would not reduce, by no second. Tribe will endure forever. Now, with the online variety, the growing number of new work is really hard to succeed. But why NCsoft's "Guild Wars 2" and CJ E & M Netmarble agent operations "cracks" will be popular success? And the sales of RIFT Gold can not be limited.

    The success of these games appear to be accidental, some might say that they rely on big companies, big name. But for the upgrade killing monsters, copy, confrontation is the main contents of the MMORPG, but their success is inevitable, through the new game mode, which allows players to feel a different fun. It is the main reason for their success.

    New work, often to the previous successful MMORPG online games as a template for research and development, innovation has been the lack of sincerity. However, these two games from Daguai, chat these basic systems, it will be for innovation. So, more and more players are willing to Buy RIFT Gold to enjoy the game.

    Sports games, shooting games and other recreational works although occupy the main position in the market, the MMORPG online games it is still a mainstream game type. Be expected if these online masterpiece, then 4-year R & D is short, long is 13 years, community-based, through the exchange, confrontation, allowing the player to develop the role.

    Industry said that MMORPG game's main game crowd of 20 to 30 years old office worker, their financial strength is more abundant, but the game environment and more limited time. If the day 2-3 hours so that they can do the task, then from enjoying the game is somewhat lacking in terms.

    "Guild Wars 2" and "RIFT" the game two games later with rich content have favorite players, these two games will be on November 10 to 13 conducted in open Game Show, allowing players to experience Korea They differentiated MMORPG content. So, the Cheap RIFT Gold on BYGAMER.COM is welcomed by players.

    R&D subsidiary of Arena Net NCsoft North America under the "battle" developed "battle 2", the company launched the first time in six games. By emphasizing the group, the introduction of first-person role-playing system that allows players to feel the different between the individual and team game modes. First-person role-playing and other MMORPG is the difference between the difficulty of the game can be adjusted independently, for example, can be three to four players can kill the BOSS, can be adjusted to allow 10 to 11 players to kill more difficult.

    The game allows players to feel the pleasure of her decisions. On this basis, the latter part of the BOSS kill in battle, players can get through the different difficulty BOSS different rewards.



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