• 02/22/2012 WOW: The fighting on the frozen wasteland in the game
  • For the treatment, it is recommended that we restore Germany with one other treatment. Restore Germany is not saying much. And now, we can see star trek online credits. No matter what aspect of near-perfect treatment of occupational core of the WLK team treatment, the other three treatments have their own strengths in the Boss battle. It has its own excellent play. There is no one is better. You need enough wow gold to do that.

    Hunter’s ice Austrian Tunneling Method can sacrifice destroyed the warlock and others. Although the three-line talent star trek online gold end is not yet clear, but a good hunter can be said the best DPS of the integrated output capability. Of course, if you cannot find a good hunter would be abandoned. expert and rookie Hunter is two a professional. Conventional AOE occupations with at least one ice Austrian law or sacrifice destruction surgery are all good choices. Random, unconventional DPS needs the quail Germany. Elements until now yet have not seen very much out of the performance of color. Dark, animal husbandry, regarded as the output and the auxiliary is also a decent team.

    It is available in the future. That may be enhanced considerably, with the sacred animal husbandry, such as star trek online credits, If not with a dark, animal husbandry, plus tough fill shield is also of great significance for land reclamation team. Melee output of two to three: It is recommended that the thieves and Enhanced SA. The cheap wow gold can help you a lot there. The testing service available poison is too strong output capability can be said that the assassination of thieves chasing, although the official release is likely to weaken the star trek online power leveling. But the DPS benchmark will not be called white. Enhance the Bodhisattva is a good melee added, bloodthirsty. It is assisted the team broke out Needless to say. In addition to its own output, it is also worth noting.

    Violent war and death knights have their own strengths. They also have their own defects. Strong violent war output but survival and hatred is still a trouble. The riding is the survival of the strong and has a good group control. The problem is that the output suffer heavy blizzard knife after some appalling. Cheap wow power leveling is personally favor of violent warfare. Not recommended to bring discipline to ride, although I regret but in the 10-person team. It is supported by the weak poor ability to sustain output feedback gains of the team. That is not enough. You can choose to buy wow gold there.

    Other side of ice method throws ice ring should be aware. Those guys on the sidewalks, you can choose sheep. The various properties of the algorithm are miserable because of the level increases. Less injury is the real practical life-support at such times.

  • 09/09/2011 The New Pets for Your Hunter in Wow
  • What Can I say about these pets besides thank (insert name of Preferred Deity and or mythical creature here). As a Hunter in Vanilla I have to say that our skills have gone wasted for a bit too long. Does anyone here remember how you knew a good hunter back in vanilla? It was his Epic Level Quest item of Course. To Earn it you not only had to be lucky enough to have the item which started it drop and to win it when it did drop (There were 3 other hunters In my Guild) but the quest itself didn't only require teamwork (which had to be coordinated outside of a party because if you were in one you couldn't do it or the item wouldn't drop. Not To mention There was one any random Bastard walking by could ruin for you) but also a pretty good understanding of your abilities. Really, if you weren't good at them you weren't getting the quest done. It was the most fun and challenging thing I ever did as a Hunter. Then I never think about wow power leveling anymore.

    Then around TBC it Dulled down, and WOTLK didn't help any (I'd say it probably made it worse in a few ways) and there was no real challenge to put your skills as a Hunter to the test. Which is why I'm happy about a Lot of these pets, Sure they aren't as complex as the level 60 epic quest but they're definitely a Step in the right direction.

    Spider: That's it. Same as any other spider able to be tamed by any level 20+ hunter in the game (level 20+ is because that is when they get their unique Spider abilities). That's why hunters don't get to walk around with a Turtle that shoots a 10K flame jet or a Spirit Beast that reduces all skills.

    I don’t know why it’s always gotta be spiders? I get enough of those things sneaking in my house, even just some great breeds of dogs, my golden might be protective, and I think huskies look pretty cool...Great Danes...how about a wild and crazy horse? It might even be great to just ad a companion character(hunter) (worgen) whatever to follow you around and help you out like what happens in some quests even Conan the Barbarian had a pal to help him get out of some tough times. Cheap wow items are not so easy to get, then you need to enhance your equipment. 

    I have a hunter and he has as his main pets. Spider used somewhat, Scorpion used rarely, Tiger from Uldum use often, Gorilla from Northend used effectively in bags and my trusty Wolf hound silver rare I got from UC area. Why not create some nice Snakes or Squirrls. I like to see a small attack squirrls I bet they be such a pain to target and such annoying to spell casters! Even an awesome bear would be cool but pets that you might think is not ferocious can be vicious if use properly remember the Beast Master he has a ferret and made good use of him.

    Parkour Hunter, apparently no one is really interested in a solution to solo tame Deth'tilac and just wants to flame at Blizzard or just want to do corpse runs! ROFL! Oh one more thing bringing a hunter friend with a spider pet as well can make things easier? Like alternate between your pets. You can also use wow gold to help. Makes things much simpler and pulling it in opposite direction.  



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  • 09/06/2011 WOW: Making Money with Your Transmutation mastery
  • I’m making quite a lot of wow gold myself with transmutation mastery truegold and left-over volatile of life which I use to craft flasks for AH. The only thing I have to do is to farm herbs for the life. Pyrium bars are pretty cheap on my server and it’s not usual to find 3 for below 40 gold in total, I can life with that expense if that means I don’t have to looking for veins as well. So I have lots of wow items to sell in the AH.

    If you are patient, you can easily level up alchemy at a profit. Simply do volatile life to volatile air one time a day for a skill up. Even if you get no trans procs, on my server air costs 3 times as much as life, and you will get one skill up a day for a month. I would also highly recommend you gather low level herbs yourself. There are zones that are just loaded with them and it takes very little time to have a few stacks to burst up your alchemy.

    Since you're already switching professions, you could first pick up herbalism and skill it to max, save all the herbs you collect and then pick up alchemy and use those herbs. Saves at least some of the cost. You could also check out an alchemy guide with an estimated list of materials needed and gather those before dropping herbalism for alchemy. Then you will not worry about your WOW Power Leveling.

    You know that the daily CD is not the only transmute affected by transmute mastery right? yes you should make your truegold once a day but beyond that, meta gems and inferno rubies will make you a ton of money. Elements might look like more profit but the procs are useless so there is no reason not to do truegold unless you are clinging to that elixir mastery for some reason.

    At this point, potion and elixer mastery are not worth it. Flask prices are screwed up due to the guild achievements and potion mastery has always been fail. Transmute is the best money maker. 150g is such chump change now that I would recommend re-speccing to elixir if you plan on making a bunch of flasks and then going back to transmute when you are done.

    Myself I’m an Elixir Master. Don’t raid a great deal but I do make and sell potions and flasks on the AH. I’m not going fast either between 10-15 made per week and I’ve gotten 30k gold in no time. If I upped the herb gathering I’m pretty sure I could make 10k gold a week without a problem.

    A quick note about picking a spec-- do the potion spec quest, then speak with the trainer again to unlearn it, visit the x-mute master, pay 150 gold, and bam, cheap and easy x-mute mastery. Also, for a leveling guide, I use Tarou wow guides (google it, I don't like posting links). Sometimes there are things you can make cheaper depending on server AH prices, but if you're farming the herbs yourself, it lets you know exactly how many of each you need.  


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  • 09/02/2011 WOW: kills You need to Complete The Speed
  • I didn't practice it on the PTR, but I had a bear soon after the BC version was released. I ran it 5pm on patch day (rogue) with a priest healer, pally tank, ret and boomkin. After raid, I went back in with a paladin tank, paladin healer, mage, and fury warrior and we beat the timer with 4 min left. We were all familiar with the instance from 70 and discussed the differences (streamlined trash, zandalari hierophants, etc) before pulling.

    Just barely beat the timer the first time around, but we really messed up on a few things, though no wipes. Second run though ended with us having around 5 mins left on the clock. Things were pretty easy that night but, after going through it with a far different group the next night. It's certainly not easy right now and takes some skill and pre-planning but it's definitely doable.

    Just did this with my guild, we ran with a Prot Paladin, Elemental Shaman, Arcane Mage, MM Hunter, and Resto Druid. We also used a scroll to give out the priest buff. s for stealth--the scouts going to Jan'alai see stealth for sure. The lynx packs in Halazzi's gauntlet would probably trigger too, and you'd have to kill the 4 pack before the bear boss. Then wow power leveling will not be a problem.

    The first time we completed the bear run, we killed all the totems as well as the Spirit of the Lynx, haha. Now that I've done it both ways on timed runs, I agree that leaving the healing totems/spirit up is more efficient (although, a recipe for disaster during regular ZA with a new pug tank) and I've noted as such in the guide. We'll most likely be featuring a video of the bear run with commentary in a few days, as well!


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  • 08/31/2011 WOW: What Professions Make You Lots of Profits
  • Honestly, profits are more than just gold-based IMO, it's also time-based. If you want to maximize your profits on a gold-per-hour perspective, then at this point early on in the game the gathering professions are going to be the most profitable due to everyone and their mother needing the materials to further their skillsets. However with the proper crafting profession that can make additional components (ie Inscription, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting), you can easily make your money back and then some by breaking down these components and selling them off as well.

    Long story short: if you haven't taken up any professions yet on any character, it's usually best to start with a gathering profession for the materials if you do wish to switch to a crafting profession. If you've got a crafting profession, it's best to either wait for deals from friends or for the market to even out unless you're sitting on a stack of gold and willing to pay the exorbitant prices currently on the AH (which, like I said, CAN be made back since the hardcore gamers are entering their raids starting this week, so everything is going to be needed and will have a premium paid for them).

    Once you're high up and have cash coming in on a larger scale, then go back and try skilling up a craft if you want the high-end gear. Or start an alt and ship the mats to them to skill up. Please don't try to skill up crafting on your way up from Level 1 as your first character. You'll waste a ton of time that's better spent playing the game. If you make a good use of it, you will not have the problem of your wow power leveling.



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