• 05/11/2012 Some new contents of GW2 has been push-off
  • The actual provide for those gamers these days may be the most recent screenshot from the "battle" the very first bit of info " Guild Wars2: Attention from the North". To exhibit all of us the picture in excess of 1 online game with this growth is all about to satisfy using the gamers. As well as learn more regarding where you'll get GW2 Gold for all.
    Not the same as the present section can be bought individually. To be able to perform the actual bit of info should be within among the 3 current chapters. This particular bit of info released at the conclusion of the 12 months within. "Guild Conflicts: Attention from the North" is actually the actual part from the "battle" since the middle may achieve the greatest degree of participant to create much more playable content material. Consist of eighteen large-scale brand new dungeons, a hundred and fifty brand new abilities. Forty brand new armors such as a number of products.
    The organization NCSOFT MMORPG online game "Guild Wars" follow up Guild Conflicts two, as soon as the actual shut beta would be the very first time within 08. Lately, the actual United States online game journal PCGAMER relation Guild Conflicts two since include tale. Based on PCGAMER documented "heavy fighting" designers Industry internet and it is building guild wars 2 gold for all gamers for the playing.
    Based on the documented "heavy fighting" is going to be launched at the conclusion associated with 2007. The very first bit of info "eye from the north" is really as the finish stage. Bit of info "eye from the north" will end up the link for connecting the actual "battle" as well as "Guild Conflicts two tale. Plus some gamers ought to require cash to purchase Guild Conflicts two Precious metal.
    PCGAMER anticipated "Guild Wars 2" the very first shut beta will begin within 08. NCSOFT Organization additionally exposed Industry internet is actually the very first time within 08 calculated focus on the actual improvement associated with Guild Conflicts two. Stated, including which regardless of whether to keep the actual section from the "battle" is not decided. "Guild Conflicts two is actually an additional to organize the actual task. Industry unions battle MMOG from the primary material from the "battle", end up being released within 04 2005 with regard to the very first time because the discharge associated with Section two.
    "Guild Conflicts: connections using the enemy" as well as "Guild Conflicts: Leading man Globe, as well as on the planet produce product sales in excess of three hundred zillion duplicates. GW2 Saatchi experienced beta second. This will cause many gamers to buy guild wars 2 gold to earn more. The daddy of the fight internet pops up, instantly allow you to the war-torn Middle Ages, reliving the actual legendary work of art to create a person the actual exhilaration.

  • 03/22/2012 Can cybercaf√© be the most suitable place to play WOW?
  • Directly in the game internal inquiries, you can direct inquiries to the mission, mission objectives and the related NPC. Players can reach our information directly from the game station, where you can get more information about cheap wow gold.

    Internet cafe features: World of Warcraft's configuration data stored in that we provide free web space. It is easy transfer between multiple computers. Many Internet cafes in various forums complaining about the configuration information cannot record games in Internet cafes. Or even every time you need to reset the senior players will use the macro, long time ago.

    It has been recognized and developed this feature. This feature is equally applicable for the daily lunch break time games, and then came home from work to combat white-collar family. However, this feature requires a lot of server resources, and complex document management system. So we in the long-term testing and server additions took the first release of this feature. This function to release the next day, the light of this feature the number of users has more than 5000.

    Relative to the other plug-ins, we do not completely cover or exceed the number of functions have been small, and often there is a deeper reason. I can reveal some slightly, such as item price inquiry function, the "Wizard of Warcraft players in the store for details price. Automatically records all commodity prices, minimum resource, there is no legitimacy problem. This is why wow gold is so hot. But also it is more convenient. When enough data, we will introduce both occupy the minimum of resources, but also has the most comprehensive data on price query.

    It can be seen from the above example, our production function, not only to consider whether this feature is useful, but also to consider whether it will affect the server is running, and resources to obtain legal and other problematic features, we will not hastily. Therefore, the user, use the "Wizard of Warcraft is a safer choice.

    There are also some of the features is because we think the design is not yet practical. So we will not be easily introduced to these features, only when we are satisfied that these functions will be to meet with end users. Such as automatic backpack management features, designed also to adjust. We will not launch automatically wrapped the similar 17cube. Their current automatic goods classified functional design only for each package, but each the package's capacity is limited. The items filled there is no way to continue in accordance with the rules, but this feature complex user interface, the practical value is not great. So it needs all the players buy cheap gold for wow.

    Auto repair backpack management map coordinates hunter exclusive skill players to customize the interface screenshot of task information target information. The screenshots items functional team information Diablo map pack status bar automatically collect and display the goods. Data query self-cast feature chat assistant quick magic pop-up toolbar team squad announcement.

  • 02/07/2012 GW2: The halfway point in the game is interesting
  • If the other party to the flag of the Society lords is in stop halfway point, then your guild lords will point at a location away from the flag stop, until the Lord began to move the other side of the Society. More and more players are attracted to maintain the fun in the game with GW2 Gold.

    When the Association to the Lord in the way the flag points vulnerable to attacks, he will stop moving and fought back until the enemy to retreat. He has only to move on. In this way also ensures that the decisive battle will decide the outcome of the comparison of the map center Strip. At this point, you have no choice but to a showdown.

    Society of war is concentrated in both the focus of the confrontation, but the ultimate goal of GVG is only a game: destroy the other guild lord. To achieve this aim, the need to combat the other players’ team also needs to consume each other's guard base NPC. Only in this way, the victory will be away from your closer.

    This with the recent exposure of the scene shots, and firmly hooked the player's eye. I believe that many players have been eager to. Do not worry and the site also revealed that the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 "may be listed on June 30 this year. Let me wait and see! At that time, the players to Buy GW2 Gold will increase a lot.

    "Guild Wars 2," the issuing company is located in North America, ArenaNet new work. ArenaNet belong to NCsoft subsidiaries. It is issued by the game to the end of 2007, the first piece of information "Eye of the North" (EyeoftheNorth) for the end. Expansion "Eye of the North" will become a bridge connecting the "battle" and "Guild Wars" storyline.

    Recently, a foreign game site has released pieces of Guild Wars 2 game screenshot shows the scene of the PVP in the game, the action scenes, pets and equipment. Nuoen female element Master screenshot’ quality is very sophisticated, and can even see the details of the equipment worn by the equipment, according to the characters in the picture. You can also feel to the style of the game. Nuoen female element of the Master start we will be able to see two very beautiful pictures.

    The beautiful Master of the equipment worn by a PVP set, called "Ocean of Love package. Two different colors of the equipment on behalf of the rating, the form of the design highlights the beauty of women - breasts and curvy waist. More and more players are willing to enjoy the fun in the game with guild wars 2 gold. The game sets in the picture by ArenaNet game Nine Songs of Chinese art design studio, we also release of the original painting of the PVP set.

  • 01/04/2011 eq2 plat: Ring in New Year in EverQuest II
  • Read below for a look at 11 for '11, and ring in the New Year in EverQuest II.


    1. Frostfell. There's still some time left to participate in all the events, and while the decorating might be over, it's always wise to stock up for next year. Make sure to stop by Gardy Ex-Gifter every day for a chance at some nice gifts. My personal favorite is the Santa Glug plushie that I placed in our guildhall. Also, scoop up some purple shinies from the Winter Wonderland, and then be sure to head into the Icy Keep instance for some token farming. One of the new rewards is a nice appearance helmet, which my guildmate Philly is sporting in the screenshot toward the end of this column. If you still need more holiday cheer, make sure to visit the EQII Wiki for all the details on Frostfell quests and activities.


    2. Velious Beta. If you haven't signed up for closed beta yet for Destiny of Velious, be sure to head to the official site and register your accounts, which takes about 30 seconds total. Beta begins on January 5th, and email notification starts today, so don't delay if you'd like to help test out one of the most highly anticipated expansions EQII has had yet. I'm looking forward to test driving the flying mounts!


    3. Geocaching. I dare you to find another MMO that has geocaching! What's geocaching you ask? It's basically a fun treasure hunt, using GPS clues to uncover the location of whatever's hidden. In EQII, it involves watching this visual clue and using the hint to find the selected location. It's a clever adaptation of a fun real-world activity, and to sweeten the pot, the event organizer is offering 100 plat and 1000,000 status (which is also 10,000 guild status). You can read all the details and updates on this thread in the official forums. I saw the video and was immediately stumped, but I'm hoping one of the Massively readers figures this one out! Good luck!


    4. Child's Play Cloak/Burnai pet. Whether you love or hate the Marketplace, you have to admire SOE's effort to use it for charity. The company has a history of being supportive of worthy causes in the past, like Curt Schilling's ALS charity. This year, SOE is once again supporting Child's Play with two purchasable in-game items: the Cloak of the Snowfall and the Festive Burnai pet. (I'm modeling the cloak in the very first picture in this article.) Both are nice items, and if you stocked up on Station Cash during the recent promo, you probably have plenty of cash to snag one or even gift a couple to friends. SOE has raised thousands of dollars in the past thanks to the support of the players, and I'm sure this event will continue that trend. Hats off to the community!


    5. EverQuest II's very own Ice Palace. How many times have we seen those impressive ice hotels in Sweden and thought, "Wow, I would love to see a place like that, but crikey, that must be cold!" Well fear not, because one creative player, Kathy, has constructed EQII's very own Ice Palace! It's got all of the eye-catching beauty of the traditional ice hotels and none of the frostbite. Keep in mind that every part of the palace was designed and hand-placed by her (no use of the layout editor that many pro-decorators use), from the basic structure down to the tiniest icicle. She's finishing up the first floor decorations and then announcing her address so you can stop by to visit. In the meantime, check out the screenshots of her amazing work!

    6. Update your EQII Maps mod. If you have been using it, you might not have updated it in a while. And if you haven't been using it, you need to download this handy custom UI. EQII Maps has been such a helpful map interface that it was actually adopted by the development team, and many of the map skins and POIs have been added as part of the default in-game maps. But there are still several instances and zones that are not covered by the default, so this is one of those "must-have" UIs. It's easy to install and even easier to update.


  • 09/29/2010 Guild Wars 2: Details of the Guild Wars 2 dye system
  • It was impressive to say the least -- physical vials of dye will be eliminated and the range of colors will number over 100 -- but it left us wanting to know more. Character Artist Kristen Perry is the mind behind this impressive new setup, and she's been having a ball designing it. The beauty of dye in Guild Wars 2 is that it will appeal equally to those who don't want to spend ages experimenting with dye combinations to get just the perfect look and to those who thrive on that sort of thing.


    Kristen has added a brand new post to the ArenaNet blog today with all the details of the Guild Wars 2 dye system. Most of the blog entry revolves around the fact that there will no longer be the ability to mix dyes, as is possible in Guild Wars 1. But don't fret! Kristen does a wonderful job of explaining how the new system will be much better.


    As an added bonus, we have a little something extra for you. Kristen was kind enough to give us an exclusive interview with even more information, as well as an exclusive screenshot to highlight the range of the new dye system.