• 12/21/2010 Eve online the largest mmorpg universe
  • Eve online is the largest online mmorpg out there. It revolves around mining resources in a single universe. All players will be one realm. There are many classes to choose from and these are miners, scouts and battleships. Each ship can be upgraded with the help of Eve isk. Eve isk is the in game currency. It can be earned by selling items, upgrades and many more in game items.


    Eve isk is a vital factor when it comes to upgrading your ship. The eve isk you earn while exploring the Eve online universe can be used to attach better armor plating, weapons or even changing the speed of your ship. Eve isk can also be earned by joining a corporations and completing jobs. Jobs such as guarding miners, scouts and even attacking enemy patrols can earn you Eve isk. Eve isk can also be bough online from many sources. Gold seller sites generally offer Eve isk for affordable prices. Eve isk can be bought in large amounts and is delivered within 24 hours to the customer. To purchase Eve isk online players will require a verified online payment method such as credit card or PayPal. Eve isk is a vital aspect of the game. As your ship levels up from exploration and questing it will open up new slots and access to better equipment. Therefore to purchase these items and upgrades you will require large sums of Eve isk. Eve isk is generally the main factor in Eve online when it comes to upgrading your ship. Eve isk is not difficult to earn but it can be a chore for new players who do not have a corporation to join.