• 03/22/2012 Can cybercaf√© be the most suitable place to play WOW?
  • Directly in the game internal inquiries, you can direct inquiries to the mission, mission objectives and the related NPC. Players can reach our information directly from the game station, where you can get more information about cheap wow gold.

    Internet cafe features: World of Warcraft's configuration data stored in that we provide free web space. It is easy transfer between multiple computers. Many Internet cafes in various forums complaining about the configuration information cannot record games in Internet cafes. Or even every time you need to reset the senior players will use the macro, long time ago.

    It has been recognized and developed this feature. This feature is equally applicable for the daily lunch break time games, and then came home from work to combat white-collar family. However, this feature requires a lot of server resources, and complex document management system. So we in the long-term testing and server additions took the first release of this feature. This function to release the next day, the light of this feature the number of users has more than 5000.

    Relative to the other plug-ins, we do not completely cover or exceed the number of functions have been small, and often there is a deeper reason. I can reveal some slightly, such as item price inquiry function, the "Wizard of Warcraft players in the store for details price. Automatically records all commodity prices, minimum resource, there is no legitimacy problem. This is why wow gold is so hot. But also it is more convenient. When enough data, we will introduce both occupy the minimum of resources, but also has the most comprehensive data on price query.

    It can be seen from the above example, our production function, not only to consider whether this feature is useful, but also to consider whether it will affect the server is running, and resources to obtain legal and other problematic features, we will not hastily. Therefore, the user, use the "Wizard of Warcraft is a safer choice.

    There are also some of the features is because we think the design is not yet practical. So we will not be easily introduced to these features, only when we are satisfied that these functions will be to meet with end users. Such as automatic backpack management features, designed also to adjust. We will not launch automatically wrapped the similar 17cube. Their current automatic goods classified functional design only for each package, but each the package's capacity is limited. The items filled there is no way to continue in accordance with the rules, but this feature complex user interface, the practical value is not great. So it needs all the players buy cheap gold for wow.

    Auto repair backpack management map coordinates hunter exclusive skill players to customize the interface screenshot of task information target information. The screenshots items functional team information Diablo map pack status bar automatically collect and display the goods. Data query self-cast feature chat assistant quick magic pop-up toolbar team squad announcement.

  • 03/21/2012 Some questions about how the wow was formed
  • At present the production of the World of Warcraft is various. Such as wow gold which is the one welcomed by players most. They are not from the industry. Our production team is composed of very good, the first production team members are the "World of Warcraft gamers have a wealth of wow experience. Know the players most in need.

    And they are experts in the fields. Our team by the number of professionals is from various branches of the domestic software industry. Namely, game programmers, website developers, instant messaging and development engineers, database management, include professional media art editor. Unity and cooperation of many professionals to the wow become one of the best on the market integrated plug-ins.

    Slightly demon: how much wow players was used about t? You feel in the process of production of wow, the largest power and resistance where. Wow users about 300,000. Support and advice of the players in the production process, is our greatest power. The greatest resistance is a limited time, our idea is inexhaustible, how to introduce more and better features for a limited time. Or first do what function do which function is our most vexing problems.

    Full-featured is from the original. Slightly demon: "Wizard of Warcraft is primarily to provide what kind of function. We offer a number of features are currently leading, but we are not just in the number of dominant. So the players would like to buy wow gold. We have included a large number of original and unique features. These are the final choice of the wow reason.

    Function for various occupations: the distinctive of different occupations in the game, we have introduced the corresponding features. For example, for the priest Druid class with a large number of auxiliary magic careers, we have created the "team magic" function can be set next to teammates head to cast support magic. And directly click the shortcut button corresponding to the players cast magic greatly improve the casting efficiency and facilitate the operation of the players in the team.

    In addition, for the hunter and warlock pet quick feeding and soul stone counter of the corresponding occupational functioning. The future we will launch features for other professions. This feature is we are trying to improve the environment of World of Warcraft is a proof. Many European and American servers gaming experience domestic players are often accused the other "old bird" because no one who knows the rules of the noble game. Each team and old players had taken the trouble to spread these rules to new players in order to ensure that we reach a consistent understanding.

    So we have introduced to meet the majority of users need the squad announcement function when players joined the team. The official offers the cheapest wow gold instant delivery. You can automatically receive an edit by the captain on the squad welcome message of the rules to help the players to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game.

  • 03/20/2012 The content of Warcraft in China is borrowed from outside
  • Although the contents of the form of domestic Warcraft more or less borrowed from the WOW, domestic Warcraft in the way of charges without exception. They are not in the light of Warcraft time charging mode. After all, in addition to the WOW, Fantasy, etc. one of the few several games, props charging of wow gold current online game market has already replaced time fee to become mainstream.

    The undeniable Blizzard "WOW achievements, even then the success it is always a Western culture of the game is not suitable for the tastes of all Chinese players. Domestic Warcraft is on the one hand, Chinese culture on the other hand. Technological strength, if you cannot be innovative, their own style, even in vain, like WOW. Learn from it can, but the game developers perhaps should think about the underlying causes of game players favorite.

    The end of two weeks of May 17173 against the players reaction using the plug-in may be the same as the plug while the title launched two exclusive interview for the domestic user base two "WOW" plug-in Bigfoot and the moonlight their treasures. The productions two plug-ins are quite professional analysis of different plug-ins and plug-and I believe most of the players on this have a certain understanding. Today reporter brought an interview with another claim to fame of plug-in "Wizard of Warcraft creators.

    Wizard of Warcraft: also known as wow shell has launched a dedicated website. Bigfoot and the Pandora's Box has not yet appeared in the domestic and external to solicit cooperation and adopted a novel way to promote the Association of platform to attract users WOW resources. So players should buy wow gold. Then it began operations in China. The wizard an instant sensation, BIGFOOT, fight with one-third of the world in domestic Warcraft plug-in world, but particularly commendable is that it has a database and search engine of Warcraft. The players said all the problems you encounter in WOW in WOWSHELL find the answer.

    Slightly demon: Hello. Warcraft Wizard known for a long time, very pleased to be able to interview you this behind the scenes big BOSS. What is your idea of what began making his "Wizard of Warcraft? Your production team members whether WOW players.

    We’re a group who love WOW players from the U.S. service beta come into contact with the WOW beta America service fee game. The domestic limited beta to the official beta and other games of chance are not fall. In the long course of the game, enjoy the Warcraft game fun at the same time. Cheapest wow gold instant delivery was welcomed by all of the players. Their slowly accumulated a lot of idea on how to improve the gaming experience. And auxiliary tools for a better experience the fun of WOW, and are able to rely on this tool help players quickly into the top European and American style game strong teamwork atmosphere.

  • 03/19/2012 Teach newcomers to refresh their record of achievement
  • As we all know, the wow is one of the biggest online game in the world. And also the sale of cheap wow gold is good. So there always have some question appeared. Many players at the event to refresh their record of achievement, does support, what is the source of your power?

    Well, the achievements of the first person of the title are still quite attractive. If we get this award can be considered the "World of Warcraft" for their extraordinary career left with a commemorative. And to a late friend's help to encourage the Association welcomed by support kept me going. Achievements devoted our efforts. I have to succeed, we must unswervingly.

    Participate in the achievement contest. You are reported ambition to claim the championship title to go what? Receive prizes of their own satisfaction. Well, the beginning needs to just think for the focus on participation and make their best efforts, no matter the outcome, as long as they once fought over like. When connect to the first game of a notification message, or quite unexpected. The official website on player feedback is very rich. I just arm them with the computer motherboard graphics suite, better prepare for WLK Well.

    A time Valentine's Day, in this loving festival, complete some special achievement to express their love for their favorite people. Well, Valentine's Day achievement of most of the have completed, such as hp De Fete forever, love of good fortune, with me and so on. Luck is good. So do not hesitate to buy wow gold. There are close to the players tips: If you are still in the Valentine's Day to your beloved that he or she is unable to do anything to prepare what kind of gift. Made them a lover of sugar to express love is very romantic. Each candy with love, the package he or she received the gift of sweet in the mouth, Everlasting in mind.

    It seems that you usually also a very romantic boys, do you GF must be very happy. The achievements of the game has come to an end, after I re-organize such competitions you will continue to support and participate in.

    Of course, Happy games, happy life, the love of the World of Warcraft, and I regret. Thank you, Firestorm accepts my visit and the whole tie. Near the end of the interview, there is no want to say that the majority of "World of Warcraft" players needs of wow gold for cheap.

    Of course, in recent years in addition to the above works, there are a lot of 3D actions games dance with. Especially in the past two years, the 3D action games there have been a collective blowout situation. For example, the "spiritual sword" and "Kung Fu hero Ninth mainland, are trying to one day compete in the battle of the 3D action online games.

  • 03/16/2012 The top domestic online games WOW
  • Whether you like or not like "World of Warcraft," players cannot deny the fact that is the game for the development of China's domestic game had a tremendous impact. A copy of the camp, battlefield, talent tree, etc. game settings, though not the object of Warcraft's first learning has become the domestic game, so that domestic wow gold has become popular. Said on behalf of a number of domestic online games, domestic Warcraft should how to treat it.

    "World of Warcraft is about to enter the country for the game in the domestic success or failure of too many predictions, because the European and American gaming masterpiece, often ended badly to talk about business in mainland China. Over the same period to enter the domestic Korean masterpiece" Paradise "has been is considered to be the biggest competitor in the World of Warcraft. After results of Warcraft become the most popular European online games. Although the maximum line number in the "Fantasy Westward Journey ", "journey” under the domestic online games, at the technical level is an insurmountable peak.

    The first to put up the banner of "domestic Warcraft" is Perfect World's first 3D online game "Perfect World, this slogan is just application of the beta early in the" perfect world "after Perfect World's game" Zhu Xian "," Red Cliff "never mentioned" domestic War craft. The statement about the domestic War craft ever since has become a title. Domestic cheap wow gold in that period is still relatively new to say. After all, the domestic game was the first perspective of 3D real-time combat online is not much after, whether it is loud shouting slogans" secret (information) OL " "Wind & Fire Brigade (area), or profess to wind Shush an OL (Area)", "look cents (Area)" domestic 3D gaming how much a shadow of War craft.

    Since known as "domestic Warcraft", how should learn what the advantages of the wow? A lot of game content is not "World of Warcraft" original, such as copy, but it is so that more Chinese players to accept these elements of the game. The Alliance and Horde two opposing camps allow players a fresh, figure head exclamation mark and question mark has become the magic the distinctive marks of the beast task system, and so on.

    A copy of the opposing camps, and even to receive the task prompts the exclamation point marked by the domestic online games take for him. Even the imitation of the object of the game user interface has become a "domestic War craft". "World of War craft" is not a perfect game. But there are still many players buy cheap gold for wow. And also by the BUG, occupational balance disturbed by the problem, not every aspect of it is worth learning, while the domestic game of Chinese history and culture for the game. If the unthinking draw War craft contrary will make people feel uncomfortable.