• 12/13/2010 FFXIV: MMO coverage doesn't come easy
  • The buzz coming from a particular public statement from Square Enix regarding Final Fantasy XIV. It was kind of a big deal.


    Meanwhile, their legacy MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI, continues to remain in fairly good standing, despite the rather dated graphics and what I'm sure is a clunky back-end after 8 years of content updates.


    While last week saw both the release of the final Abyssea add-on, Heroes of Abyssea, as well as the final story portion of the now three-year-old Wings of the Goddess expansion, we have reviews ready for neither. Instead, we bring you a review of the second of three Abyssea add-ons, Scars of Abyssea, released back in September.


    Expect a very thorough review of Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess before year-end, as well as a review of Final Fantasy XI: Heroes of Abyssea sometime in January. To hold you over, feel free to send me love/hate mail for my opinions and generalized ranting after having spent way too much time in the [A] forms of Vunkerl, Misareaux, and Attohwa.

  • 11/21/2010 Climb to the Peak with FFXIV Gil
  • Final Fantasy XIV is a game developed by a game company of Japan. It is a MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game which was published in mid-2010 on the platform of the PS3, XBOX and PC in the range of the whole world. Final Fantasy XIV is released to support four kinds of languages—Japanese, English, French and German. Final Fantasy XIV surpass "Final Fantasy XI in its quality, and represents a pinnacle or peak of the Final Fantasy series. All and all, Final Fantasy XIV is a milestone in online games. If you want to climb to the peak of Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XIV Gil is a good companion for you!


    Just like the game currency or the gold of some online games, Final Fantasy XIV Gil is a thing for you to buy the advanced equipments and other useful materials. With these advanced equipments and useful materials, you can increase the level of the characters or roles in the game swiftly and effectively. Before using Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you should firstly buy it in the shops online. For those who are inexperienced with purchasing the FFXI Gil, FFXI Accounts and FFXI Gil Power leveling from the FFXI Gil sellers should be attention. There are many gold sellers that are frauds and scams that cannot be removed from the internet. So, how to adjust this? Firstly, reviews of FFXI Gil sellers and hearing out what other customers say should be very helpful. Secondly, be sure to know the FFXI Gil sellers' policy, whether they offer any type of refunds, guarantees and where their FFXI Gil is obtained etc. If the FFXI Gil is duped, you may be at risk of losing The FFXI Gil or even getting your account banned. Third, the refund policy also has an important role to judge the honesty of FFXI Gil seller. After finishing the purchase, FFXI Gil will become your great companion in the playing of Final Fantasy XIV.

  • 11/18/2010 Has Squaresoft Failed Final Fantasy XIV
  • Final fantasy XIV was expected to dominate the mmo market late this year. However the beta reviews have left the game tarnished. The game used unique 3D engines to deliver a realistic virtual world that no other mmo was able to deliver. Unfortunately Squaresoft appears to not have look far into the future with this release. From the repetitive content we can see that there was some issues with either their funding or time frame. The content is identical to final fantasy 11. Therefore we can only assume that the production team did not have the allocated funds or time to develop new content for its players. Squaresoft appears to have put the entirety of their efforts into the 3D aspect of the game. While this feature does deliver impressive results, prolonged exposure has been known to cause headaches. This is a serious health hazard as many people play over 20 hours of MMOs a week. Final fantasy XIV does not deserve to be called a new MMORPG. It seems to be an upgraded expansion of Final Fantasy 11. Squaresoft may have been able to pull this release off if they had entitled it as an expansion to final fantasy 11.


    There are many devoted fans that would be able to keep the game going despite its errors. However the health hazards with the 3D feature may even limit their devotees. It is unclear if FFXIV will revised to be more playable and user friendly. However at this point of time it can be said with certainty that Squaresoft has lost many newcomers who were keen on joining the final fantasy universe.


  • 10/16/2010 Final Fantasy XIV: Should I bother crafting?
  • Spreading yourself just thin enough


    There are eight different classes for crafters, and that alone makes picking a craft daunting. The obvious approaches are either all or just one, and neither approach will work all that well past the initial levels. "All" spreads you far too thin to advance much in any given craft, while "just one" will allow you access to higher quests faster but minimize your cross-class ability selections.


    Assuming that you're not simply crafting to the exclusion of other content such as killing things, your inventory is also going to fill near to bursting if you try to save every possible material for all the crafts. Personally, I recommend somewhere between two to four different crafting disciplines. It's a broad enough spread that you can do a variety of local quests and keep yourself occupied, but not so great that you're holding on to every random tuft of fur from monsters you kill.




    I'll admit that I'm still not very happy about the way every craft seems to require a half-dozen ingredients from other crafts, but we'll leave that to one side for the moment. The fact of the matter is that players benefit from using at least some of this synergy when choosing their crafts. Every part of a product you can craft yourself reduces your overhead as well as gives you an alternative when something goes wrong during the synthesis.


    Culinarians are currently the most island-like profession, with very few other crafts required for them to produce a tasty dish, and no call for Blacksmiths to include kabobs in their haubergeon. On the flip side, it seems that blacksmithing and leatherworking find use in many other recipes, albeit in a small sense. If you don't wish to take up one of these classes, befriending someone who does is probably a good plan. The other crafts vary somewhat, with Alchemists also being fairly self-sufficient, Armorsmiths being fairly dependent upon others, and both weaving and carpentry being somewhere in the middle.

  • 10/06/2010 All Final Fantasy XIV Fans Get Your Character Statistics Displayed on Your Screen
  • Now while playing Final Fantasy XIV, players can display their character statistics on the screen of their system and can take steps accordingly. As the Loadstone has been launched in the market FFXIV players now can see, review, analyze as well as display their players' statistics.


    This is newly added feature in FFXIV so naturally it's quite immature now but don't worry as the steps are very easy and straightforward. It's widely termed as FFXIV Signature Generator in the market. Within a fixed interval time the image of this generator gets updated automatically by acquiring the data from your actual Player site Data Page at the official website of FFXIV. You don't require to regenerate it. If not many but a few designs are available in this FFXIV Signature Generator in the market.


    Many renowned as well as reliable websites those sell and provide many requisite stuffs to online game players for playing MMO or MMORPG smoothly and successfully. From such websites you can certainly get this FFXIV Signature Generator. The striking part is that those websites hardly require any registration or subscription for getting your required FFXIV Signature Generator. It's completely because it's a era of competition.

    Mostly the FFXIV Signature Generator providing websites want you to type your full name along with your server name and then select design that you like for your generator. Also there you'll be offered three different codes for including your signature in various emails, fan forums of FFXIV. Those three codes are simple HTML link, BB code for forum and direct link to the images.

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